Digital trust at the service of business

Digital trust

Digital trust at the service of business

Rise to your transformation challenges

To rise to your transformation challenges (Blockchain, regulatory, cloudification, digital innovation, and so on), Magellan Sécurité rolls out a methodology involving all business line and IT stakeholders to provide a reliable response that results in the creation of a digital trust foundation tailored to your needs. Combining public key infrastructure (PKI) and hardware security modules (HSM), we are here to help you implement strong authentication across your media.

Public Key Infrastructure

Integrate a public key infrastructure into your IS to secure and authenticate exchanges, protect digital transactions and manage the lifecycle of your certificates.

Strong authentication

Use a modern, secure medium for your strong authentication that is simple, resilient and multi-factor (MFA).


Integrate and use a hardware security module (HSM) with your services to protect your PKI, Clouds, databases, etc.

Yubico as a Service

Dematerialize management of your Yubico authentication keys, from provisioning to replacing lost or broken keys.

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Digital Trust Team Leader

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Deputy CEO

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