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Data, a resource to be protected

Security by design

Protection of your sensitive ISs

Control user access with sensitive project or IS workspaces (IOC, etc.). Protect your sensitive information system quickly and easily against the threat of ransomware and viral loads.

Control Cloud usage

Implement a CASB solution to analyze and control cloud usage (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS) and define a security policy for services and data. Limit access to the cloud services assessed by you in your environment.

Strengthen the security of your Clouds

Use the full range of services provided by Cloud Providers to thoroughly secure your applications and data. Detect breaches in your safety rules or safety standards.


Roll out core or advanced SASE technologies (CASB, ZTNA, SD-WAN) to give your organization end-to-end control over access to your applications and data, placing identity and automation at the center of network security.

Data access audit

Control the level of visibility of your data, whether on your on-premises servers or in the cloud. Avoid unnecessary, dangerous exposure on the web with unnecessary sharing and access.

Identification, classification and regulation

Identify and classify your data in line with the required regulations. Ask yourself the right questions about your data: Where is it? Is it subject to any regulations and if so, which?

Detecting intrusion attempts

Protect your data by detecting suspicious uses and behaviors targeting it (such as ransomware). Take automatic remedial actions as a result of these detections.

Provision of a secure bubble for collaborative work

Give your employees and partners a secure and hermetic solution for working and sharing sensitive, confidential documents, without worrying about the risks of data theft, ransomware attacks or others.

Public Key Infrastructure

Integrate a public key infrastructure into your IS to secure and authenticate exchanges, protect digital transactions and manage the lifecycle of your certificates.

Strong authentication

Use a modern, secure medium for your strong authentication that is simple, resilient and multi-factor (MFA).


Integrate and use a hardware security module (HSM) with your services to protect your PKI, Clouds, databases, etc.

Yubico as a Service

Dematerialize management of your Yubico authentication keys, from provisioning to replacing lost or broken keys.

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